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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Artificial Intelligence are computer super-powers automating tasks.

It removes paper-work, boring work, giving free time for creation. It is enabling better decision-making and facilitating consumer-centric services.


The origin of Artificial Intelligence started with the IT (Information Technology) industry which goal is to treat information in an automatic way.

It relies on machine capability to treat a huge amount of data.

The task is performed with an algorithm which is a set of instructions like a cooking recipe with its ingredients (variable) and its instruction

In an automatic way without the need of understanding or thinking. Which is perfect for a machine.

Once we have the set of instructions, we translate it in computer language (generally with Python) a language that the computer understands.

And the result is a 'code' , an informatic program. The task translated in its language is executed massively and quickly.


AI = inductive logic programming, If/Then/Else. Automation. DECISION

AI Challenge : Obtaining data sets that are sufficiently large and comprehensive enough to feed the voracious appetite that deep learning has for training data is a major challenge. So, too, is addressing the mounting concerns around the use of such data, including security, privacy, and the potential for passing human biases onto AI algorithms.

Today in Augmented intelligence more than Artificial Intelligence

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