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The 'Data-Scape' project combines data and digital arts to create dynamic data-driven artworks.

By leveraging computational algorithms and user interaction, it generates unique, ever-evolving artistic landscapes that offer a new, creative perspective on data interpretation.

Data-driven Painting

The painting artwork is broken down into 5 data-driven elements 

Move the data-cursors and create your own artwork.

Data Inspirations

Data-driven Music

Working progress...

But 1st step achieved => to animate the 'data_painting' with some music.

Data_Painting animation driven by the audio frequencies.


Picture input generating

 the data-driven painting 


Picture input generating

 the data-driven painting 

Meet the Team


Carole Gendron

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Data|Analytics and Creative Coding

Joeri Verdegaal.jpeg

Joeri Verdegaal

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Musician and Developer

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