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Carole Gendron is a Data&Analytics Strategist in multinationals, contributing to democratize, humanize Data and Artificial Intelligence for Business and people.

Also, AI-Artist practitioner in the intersection of Science, Technology and Art based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Techno-optimist’, Carole combines her international experience of 20 years directing Data&Analytics teams, with her Art practice to contribute with a unique perspective to the ‘AI for good’ conversation.

She participated to discussions around the societal and business impact of Artificial Intelligence. With a special interest for the intersection between Artificial Intelligence and Art pushing the boundaries of Data Visualization.

She created the HumainArt, an AI & Art Project to humanize data with Art experiments, fruits of a collective thinking around making data and its insights accessible and enjoyable. To make people think, so they can raise their own conclusions, based on data.

She is active in the 'Women in AI' community promoting the feminine touch in AI for a Creative Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As an trans-disciplinary Artist, she exhibited in Amsterdam participating to collective exhibitions : 'Dutch Medicine' in 2019 and with AI Art to 'The magic of ART-ificial Intelligence' in 2020.

 AI Art Talks :

AI for Sustainable Development Goals
Women in AI - February 2020
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AI Art : The magic of
ARTificial Intelligence
Women in AI - January 2020
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Data-Visualization to democratize Data  
in Corporate Business
KPMG- January 2020
AI Art
VR Days Europe - November 2019
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