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What : HumAIn_Art is a Creative Tech Lab founded by Carole Gendron

Goal : Make data HumAIn with Artficial Intelligence

How : Feeling the data


I have a long journey in Data&Analytics leadership positions and I always shared my life with my other passion : Art

My brain sees Art in numbers and numbers in Art. When I look at data I see life, people, earth, money. And when I look at life I see figures, statistics, networks, decision trees.

With HumAIn_Art, I want to democratize, humanize Data and Artificial Intelligence for people with the help of Data Scientists and Artists.

I am also a Data Artist practitioner in the intersection of Science, Technology and Art based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

I participated to discussions around the societal and business impact of Artificial Intelligence. With a special interest for the intersection between Artificial Intelligence and Art pushing the boundaries of Data representation.

I am active in the 'Women in AI' community promoting the feminine touch in AI for a diverse and creative Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As an trans-disciplinary Artist, I exhibited in Amsterdam participating to collective exhibitions : 'Dutch Medicine' in 2019 and with AI Art to 'The magic of ART-ificial Intelligence' in 2020.

 AI Art Talks :

AI for Sustainable Development Goals
Women in AI - February 2020
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AI Art : The magic of
ARTificial Intelligence
Women in AI - January 2020
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Data-Visualization to democratize Data  
in Corporate Business
KPMG- January 2020
AI Art
VR Days Europe - November 2019
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