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HumAIn_Art Projects

Feeling our Environmental Impact 

What is the impact of our food choices on the environment ?


Computer Drawings made with maths exploring the 'magical' number Pi (3.14) which turns lines into curves and never ends. Hypnotic results.


Sensing Europe.jpeg

Sensing Europe

Serie of 3 Data-Visualization Experiments: The Painter, The Network and The Helicopter to understand a bit better Europe.

Human in 2100

The Next Human

Artificial Intelligence draws the face of the Next Human in 2100 based on the Human Population Data projected by United Nations.


AI imagines the city

Artificial Intelligence -AI- is painting new urban realities and giving a poetic interpretation of the city.

Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 17.25.23.png

Painting with people's emotions

Can we do art with our emotions? Sensing someone's emotions and translating them into a digital artwork.

Becoming the Artist with our emotions. 


AI Sculpting Emotions

Digital Sculpture portraying the 6 basics emotions : Fear, Surprise, Anger, Disgust, Joy, Sadness.

The AI model was trained on my sculptures. Serie 'Emotions'. 

Anton Philips portrayed by AI.png

Philips portrayed by AI

Deep Fake of Philips' founder sharing the Company commitment to support the Sustainable Development Goals and creating with Philips technology to inspire old Painting Masters.

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