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Amsterdam Remix

co-created with generative AI

Educational Deep-Fakes of
Grand Masters walking us through
their artwork portraying Amsterdam


Make an innovative step to discover the History of Art in a tech way, where the Amsterdam cityscape, a famous symbol of the Netherlands and its 3 crosses flag, are transformed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) under the virtual brushstrokes of grand masters like Van Gogh, Picasso, or Banksy. An "Exercise of Styles" that elevates Amsterdam to the status of muse, traversing over 2000 years of art history in a digital flash, transitioning from brush to brush, and artificially generating new, techno-artistic perspectives of the city.​

Generative AI tools were used to co-create narratives, visual art, and interactive elements.

Amsterdam Remix


Deep-Fakes of
the Old Masters,

explaining their Artwork

Painting Masters deep-fakes powered by Artificial Intelligence to help us to discover their essence, their work and style in a immersive way. 

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