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Sculpting e-motions with AI

Despite our different languages or cultures, we all share 6 basic emotions : Happiness, Anger, Fear, Surprise, Sadness and Surprise.

In 1960,  Paul Ekman, American Psychologist,  shown pictures of Westerners with different facial expressions to people living in isolated, native cultures, including in Papua New Guinea, and then asked them what emotion was expressed. From anger to happiness to sadness to surprise, facial expressions seemed to be universally understood around the world, a biologically innate response to emotion. 

As an Artist I wanted to explore the expressions of those emotions and made a serie of 6 sculptures portraying emotions.

Surprise Making Of

Surprise Making Of

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'Sculpting e-motions' is a Digital Sculpture powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI Art) portraying emotions.

It is an AI&Art exploration based on sculptures I made in clay combined to the generative potential of GAN's algorithm (StyleGan2) to create an AI Sculpture portraying e-motions.