The Next Human

'Portraits of Humanity' by Artificial Intelligence

 Learning from United Nations World Population Data from 1950 to 2100

Human in 1950


Human in 2100


The New Human seeing by AI

Discover the Artificial Intelligence Portrait of The Next Human in 2100.

Based on worldwide population statistics reported by United Nations, from 1950 to 2100.

Data reveals interesting facts: Humanity is gender equal, getting older and becoming more African. According the UN projections, 1 human out of 3 will be African in 2100.

AI proposes us a new artistical way to look at data with this portrait of Humanity translating UN data of gender, age and race into human face traits.


'The Next Human' Making of

From data...

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Human in 2100

Sources of Information

United Nations makes an enormous effort to gather statistics about the world population across the 200 countries. That's the 'bible' for numbers around humanity, it is about us, how many we are and how human kind evolves in term of age, gender and race. The UN publishes regular updates of the country by country data keeping history from 1950 to projections of the future population until 2100. They make the data accessible to the general public. Nonetheless, the information takes the form of a massive excel table with 40,000 data points and it is hard to learn anything at a glance.


That's why need the help of Artificial Intelligence to give light to the data. 


Interesting facts about Humanity

Humanity is naturally gender-equal : with as many men as women.

Actually with slightly more men than women with a 'sex ratio' of 101 men for 100 women. 

This is explained by an evolutionary theory stating that we need more boys because they are more likely to die : from accidents, taking risks, suicides and from health problems. 


Humanity has 4 times more people on earth today than in 1950. 

A baby will born today in a population 4 times bigger than when his grand father born.

A Baby-Boomer grew up with a humanity counting with 2.5 Billion people and his grandson will grow up in a world of 8 Billion people. For each person living in 1950, 4 are living now.

Human is getting older.

The average age of a human living in 1950 was 23 years old, 31 years old in 2020 and 41 years old in 2100.

More than ever BlackLivesMatter.

In 2100, 1 human out of 3 will be African.

In 1950, the world population was mainly composed by Asians (33%) and Whites (29%), that's how the world looked like when Baby-Boomers grew up. A baby born today will enter in a different world composed mainly of Asians (30%) and Indians (26%).

For 2100, United Nations predicts that Humanity will evolve again and be mainly African (35%), followed far away by Indians (21%). 

Artificial Intelligence to portray Humanity 

Based on the UN Data, could Artificial Intelligence help us to see how the human will look like in 2100 ? 

To do so, I used a pre-trained model (StyleGan2) enabled by face generator software allowing feature vectorization of age, gender and race.

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Neutral Human Face

I initialized the Artificial Intelligence algorithm with a human face representation the most neutral possible to prevent any biais on age, gender and race.

Human in 1950

Then I input the caracteristics of the world population in 1950 and ask the model to generate a face based on them  :

  • 50% Male / 50% Female

  • 23 years old

  • 33% Asian / 29% White / 20% Indian / 7% African / 7% Latino / 4% Middle East

And I fed the algorithm with the rest of UN demographic statistics from 1960 to 2100 and generated :​

The Portrait of

'The Next Human' in 2100

Human in 2100


The Human Face

Evolution since 1950

The New Human seeing by AI
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