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Feeling Europe

Discover Europe with your senses

Chapter 1: View


Take the data-pincels &
Portray "Europe" in 5 dimensions 

Draw with the 5 data-pincels : 

  • The CO2 impact (in tons per people): color spread.

The more CO2 impact the more orange color spread

  • Population (in million people): density of lines.

The more people the more lines

  • Land (in million Km2): width.

The bigger the land, the wider

  • Age Median (in years)​: grey scale color.

The older the population the whiter

  • Happiness (score from 1 to 10): shape.

The happier the rounder shape

Draw with data

guessing how big is Europe in Size and Impact

Adjust the cursors to your best guess

and generate a data-portrait of Europe

Gallery of Data Portraits

Using The_Painter with the data of the world regions and creating a world data-portrait gallery. 

Translating their data into portrait, we see Europe is getting older, 'greyer' in color and could be the father (43 years old) of Africa, the youngest region (only 20 years old) (blacker in color).

The US are the happier, with a round shape but also with the biggest Co2 impact with a strong orange shado).

Russia, big territory, wide portrait but fewer people, less lines.

The Arab world with strong density of people.


Portraits using Official Datasets 

UN Logo.png


Read the European Treaty connecting words

Crack the boring European Treaty document with this network visualization.
Using Artificial Intelligence (NLP), the text was reduced to its essence, to its 'keywords'.
The size of the bubble reflects the frequency of the word in the text.
The closer the connections the closer are the words in the text.

Zoom in and Click on the words to see their connection

working progress....

Meet The Team


Carole Gendron

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Data&Analytics and Painter,

Art Direction

Joeri Verdegaal.jpeg

Joeri Verdegaal

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Musician and Developer

Almo Daved.jpeg

Almo Daved

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Musician and AI DevOps


Fly over Europe with a data lens

Discover the profile of the 27 European countries,
across the 5 indicators from EuroStat 
scored with one common scale
from 1/low to 10/high.


How to read The_Helicopter?