HumAIn_Art Projects


Europe, how do you feel?

Sensorial Exploration of Europe.

Human in 2100

The Next Human

Artificial Intelligence draws the face of the Next Human in 2100 learning from the World Population Data reported by United Nations.


Painting with people's emotions

Can we do art with our emotions? Sensing someone's emotions and translate them into colors forming part of an artwork.

We become the Artist with our emotions. 

City-Color-2-times (18).jpeg

AI imagining the city

Artificial Intelligence is painting new urban realities and giving a poetic interpretation of the city.

The model was trained on photographies I took over the last 20 years. 

The result is full of poetry...


AI Sculpting emotions

Digital Sculpture portraying the 6 basics emotions : Fear, Surprise, Anger, Disgust, Joy, Sadness.

The AI model was trained on my sculptures serie 'Emotions'. 

Anton Philips portrayed by AI.png

Philips portrayed by AI

Deep Fake of Philips' founder sharing the Company commitment to support SDG.
Using Philips technology to inspire old Painting Masters.